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Jazz & Other Projects

Davey keeps a fairly busy music schedule playing music regularly that covers a widely diverse musical spectrum. As an upright bass player he regularly plays his house gig with The Jazz Corner Ensemble every Tuesday celebrating the music of New Orleans. He also plays many different concerts and events with his own Jazz and rock combos that scale from duos to quintets. Along with backing some of the Southeast's finest singer/songwriters from time to time, Davey also keeps busy co-writing and playing several styles of original music.


Souls Harbor

The name "Souls Harbor" represents a long-standing highly regarded name that is very-well known far and wide rooted right out of the Low Country. Once as a highly acclaimed original rock band, they've shared stages all over the country with some of the biggest bands in the world. These days the band has taken on a new makeup still led by original vocalist  Doug Marshall. They play many big stages throughout the Southeast with a reinvigorated high energy acoustic rock/pop format, playing a wide range of covers mixed with originals.



Akilavue is a fresh modern original hard rock band that Davey helped in creating from a seed. You can buy Akilavue's new album from any of your online retailers. (Apple Music, Amazon, Spotify, etc.)  Akilavue is part of the M7 Agency with a roster that includes the likes of: Ghostface Killa from The Wu Tang Clan, Leif Garrett, Smile Empty Soul, and Austin Winkler, formerly the lead singer of the hit rock band Hinder.

Banana Breadstix

See description in "Videos"

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The Fresh Hots

The Fresh Hots were a great ball of pop-punk energy that took the music world by storm with their powerful original songs. Although short lived, they left a quite an imprint on anyone who was fortunate enough to witness their over-the-top live shows. Members of the band included: Bekki Cait and David "Dax" Mochasi out of Toronto, Canada, Randy Rockalotta on percussion, and Davey Masteller on the Five String Bass.

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