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HGTV Appearance

Island Life is a popular Internationally televised show about families finding their dream homes on paradise islands. In Season 9 the couple looking for a new home happened to be relatives of Davey's, Matt and Kyle, looking to get closer to their southern family. While filming they decided to make a stop at The Jazz Corner to have a drink and tell their Aunt Lois who is also Davey's mother about how the house hunting was shaping up as the band played a little New Orleans Music for them.


Former band cat resurfaces after eight years, makes National Headlines

Davey was in several high energy punk bands as a kid and toured a lot throughout the Southeast in his teens and twenties. The last of the punk bands he was in was called "The Fresh Hots" based out of Hilton Head which he left in early 2008. Half of the band was originally from Toronto, Canada. When they had first moved to Hilton Head they brought a dog and a siamese cat by the name of Moka with them.  The band lived together in a beach community and like the bandmates, their pets also became family. Moka had long been gone and was written off after years of no signs of him after he went missing one night. Several years later a tow truck driver saved a cat from sitting in traffic and it wound up being Moka!!! This story started in the Island Packet and quickly spread far being picked up by The Associated Press and many other news outlets Nationwide.


Akilavue's debut album released!

After several months of recording in multiple locations Akilavue's debut album "Carousel" is now released to the world! As a result of the tireless efforts of the Charleston based world-class production team of Alan Price and Scott Gould at The Hybrid Audio Solution Studio, it's really shaped up to be an incredible sounding Rock record that takes you through a deeply emotional musical journey. The band also got the opportunity to record two of the songs for the album in Nashville at Omni Studios with Grammy Award wining producer Skidd Mills. It was a roller coaster of a ride to get to the finish line but "Carousel" has since received great critical praise by many.

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